Please remember these are kids…..


Looks like I am finally going to put my awesome newly acquired boxing skills to the test – I have been rostered on to fill in as Marshall for my sons under 13 soccer game, not once but twice during the season.

Now you may think that kids soccer would not really warrant the need for a Marshall, but you would be very wrong.
Last year a parent grabbed the coach on the opposing team by the neck in a heated moment. And there have been many other incidents – usually between parents – where someone has had to step in to avoid a full blown fight.
Now just how effective I will be as Marshall I really don’t know, I am only 5 foot 2 and not really what you would call sturdy, but I  am a mum of three teenage children so I guess that makes me kind of tough right? 

14 thoughts on “Please remember these are kids…..

  1. as a mom of three teenage children you are strong enough for this job :o) it’s sadly reality that some people see it more as a fight than a game…. we had parents who celebrated a free for all just because they thought the referee made an unfair decision :o(

  2. We have this posted at our fields- live in Southern CA and Little League is intense- AAA ball (10 and 11 year olds) already competitve…well, their dads. My husband is one of the last volunteers to willing umpire games. Last year, the league paid for behind the plate umpires, and they only had to do the bases. This year is different, and no one wants to do plate, so my husband steps up. Even the coaches we used to like have gotten too ultra competitive and they are in his face constantly about calls. My husband came home stiff, because squatting/bending in that position for 2 hours while in your 40s- the body takes it’s toll. Typically, people’s behavior doesn’t bother him, he’s so easy going…but now it’s getting too stressful on “judement call by ump” – everyone else reads the rules differently… anyhoo so stressed out he woke at 2am and couldn’t sleep after…

    That’s how you lose volunteers.

    1. I definitely agree, some people need to just really think about what they are saying or doing and what kind of example they are setting for our children. Good on your husband, without volunteers like him our children would not be able to play .

      1. I’ve heard some of the mom volunteers at school say the same thing. One time, we all met to pick up at trash at the local park for one of the students “projects” and one mom said, “Notice, how it’s always the same group of volunteers?”

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