Mums are awesome!! 

The new ducted heating system is making us all happy.  The house is finally beautiful and warm. The unit is quiet and efficient almost perfect!  I say almost, because for some reason Madelyn’s room is still cold. There does not seem to be any air coming up through the duct in her floor.

 I called the little man last week to ask him to come out and have a look and he said he would, so today I called again to see how he got on. Apparently he hasn’t been out and is not planning to either.  In his opinion, the bedrooms do not need to be too warm and I quote “haven’t I already paid enough?”  What the??? He said that if they go under the house to check for a squashed or blocked vent it could cause damage and will no doubt cost us. But wouldn’t you think that for just under $4000 you should have heating in every room in the house?

But I was not up to fighting today, I didn’t have the energy or the willpower,  lucky for me my mum was, and she called him and gave him a piece of her mind. So now tomorrow the little man is coming to have a look and hopefully rectify the problem.
Mum’s are awesome they are a one man/ woman army and my mum is the best.
Thanks mummy xx

9 thoughts on “Mums are awesome!! 

  1. My step mom was good in this way- “Oh,no… that’s BS…” and would give someone a piece of her mind until they did whatever she wanted. 🙂 She was reasonable, but never let people take advantage.

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