Up close

My sister  has an ear infection!  For the last two days she has been sick in bed unable to move too much because her head feels heavy and she feels dizzy and unwell. We finally convinced her to let us take her to a doctor and he quickly diagnosed the onset of a virile infection in her ear and advised that she take the next two days off work. 

He also gave her some medication to help with the dizziness. Hopefully the medication will kick in soon and she will start to feel better, I don’t like seeing her like that, I don’t like seeing anyone I care for unwell. 

There was a light side to our doctors visit today though, the doctor that my sister saw seemed to have no concept of personal space, talk about  getting up close!!   I was trying very hard not to laugh but it was actually quite funny. At least it perked her up a little.
Get well sis. 

11 thoughts on “Up close

  1. It’s the little things that make life fun! Glad it cheered you both up, cos ear infections are horrid. Hope your sister feels better soon. 🙂
    But I had to laugh about the personal space issue. – I was talking to a guy in the lab once, and he was a little close, so I backed up. So he advanced. I backed up till I hit the bench and could go no further. He continued approaching till he stood on my foot!! 🙂

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