Stranger danger at the boys school 

There was a pedophile hanging around my boys school today.  Apparently he approached some year 7 boys and the school thankfully notified the police and went into lock down.

The school did not notify the parents until after we had picked up the boys which at first I found concerning but I am assuming they did not want parents – like me – to panic and start calling the school.
It is very scary though to think that our children may not be safe around their own school. 


22 thoughts on “Stranger danger at the boys school 

  1. ACK! Educating our kids on the subject of stranger danger is so important! It’s a hard conversation because you don’t want them to be terrified, but they do need to know when to get an adult, or to run away. I’m glad the school reacted quickly, and I hope they find him!

  2. When I was a child both parents and teachers told us not to speak to strangers, not to accept sweets and certainly not accept lifts. This worked in a community where everyone did know – more or less – everyone else.
    This advice neither terrified nor traumatised us…it was just another one of the rules like looking right, left and right again before crossing the road.
    Until we were nine or so, the exit from school was supervised by a member of staff….younger children were handed over to parents or known substitutes, older ones sent off in groups according to their destination.

    The only incident I remember was at the local recreation ground around the tennis courts where the park attendant saw off a man who had been hovering about too long…..and that didn’t traumatise us either.

      1. Indeed it is!

        But what I see with friends’ grandchildren is that they are not expected to take responsibility for anything…they are not, on the whole, proactive but reactive. Things happen to them….because they are not looking out for themselves.

        This is not meant to downplay the real dangers….but a school on lockdown because some chap is hanging about? Get the police, get rid of him….no need for more.

  3. Yes it is very worrying. And its a sad day when our schools have to have locks on gates and doors with the craziness that is about..
    Its good to be informed… And I hope parents will be vigilant
    A worrying time.. x Sending thoughts your way

    1. They have a late start on Wednesday morning so most children make their in way to school on that day. He was lurking between the school and the supermarket on the corner. You know I am such a worrier I always take my kids to school and pick them
      Up or get my parents to pick them up but some people just can’t do this because of work or other commitments . I was happy to see though that the teachers were out this morning – umbrellas and all not only at the school gates but also at the supermarket. Xx

      1. In this case realistic, I already “slap” one of those type of guys, not proud of it, but he definately had run his mouth about that thing, dumb idiot to speak of that, so Little Charly the Brown could not resist but to put him to the hospital, again, not something proud I am, but felt good at the time though

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