Chocolate has been ruined for everyone!!! 


So it’s official someone has finally come up with a way to ruin chocolate!! Who would have thought this would ever be possible? I guess it just goes to show us that nothing is scared these days.
Vegemite flavoured chocolate is not something I would ever want to try!! For those who do not know what Vegemite is, well it is a dark brown Australian food paste made from leftover brewers’ yeast extract. Tastes really good on toast for breakfast but mixed in chocolate, yuk!!

So now we are seeing other funny flavours pop up like the images attached, which may very well be a hoax but then again if someone had the not so bright idea of putting Vegemite in chocolate what’s to stop them from trying ouzo or beer or who knows what next ???


13 thoughts on “Chocolate has been ruined for everyone!!! 

  1. My dad is a fan of vegemite… he ate it directly from the tube… I was puzzled as I saw that… so we have one who would buy that chocolate :o) I dislike this wild creations, chocolate is soulfood and to mess it up with red pepper or mustard or whatever is a sin :o)

  2. Ahhh nothing says tasty as yeast and chocolate… Whatever happened to almonds and other nuts?

  3. As if man-eating spiders, rabid zombie wombats, snakes so venomous they kill you retroactively were not enough, now you have to go and create anew monster like Vegemite chocolate! The horror. Have you no decency at all? What was that word I learned…oh yeah….chunder.

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