Tough day at the office 

Tough day at the office this weekend at basketball!! The one thing the team had going for them, the one thing that gave them an edge above the competition is that they were a close knit team, kind of one for all and all for one. But in the last few weeks something has tipped the scales and the dynamics are all out. At this weeks game there was a massive blue between two of the boys, they almost came to blows!! How can we win any games when the team is bickering like this? Instead of focusing on each other’s weaknesses they should be appreciating each other’s strengths the unique qualities that each person brings to the team. 

So on Tuesday I have arranged for the boys to do a team bonding session at the boxing gym that I attend and love! I’m hoping that some time together to just have fun and work off some of those frustrations and some of that testosterone overload will helpfully help to mend the rift and gets us back on track.

Here’s hoping.


8 thoughts on “Tough day at the office 

  1. Sounds like a good plan 🙂
    It seems to me at this age, boys are very quick to complain about ‘injustices’ as they see them, and others’ failings in their team, before they even consider or remember the good bits!!! It all comes across as so negative to me?!

      1. It always surprises me. Ben comes from a positive environment, we are both positive people, but he will always tell us the things he hasn’t liked about events/people etc is that typical??

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