Team bonding boxing session

OMG!! I am on such a high at the moment that I just couldn’t wait to get home and write to tell you all about it. The team bonding boxing night was soooooooooo good, sooooooo much fun!! I couldn’t stop smiling the whole way though. The boys seemed to have so much fun too – well all except George he was complaining that he was feeling sick, but I think he was just struggling – clearly he is not as fit as he thinks he is. 
The boxing session seemed to do exactly what I was hoping it would – bring the boys together again – by the end of the session they looked like they had resolved their issues – and if not resolved but at least looked like they had put them aside. 
The only disappointing thing was that the dad of the boy who caused the problems turned up to pick up his son (we picked him up on the way there but didn’t have enough room to take him home because had already committed to taking another two boys home.) and he seemed to be holding a grudge almost against the boys, and was giving them angry stares. I’m not going to let him spoil my mood though – I think it was a success and by the end of it all the boys were sweating and totally exhausted and still I couldn’t stop smiling!!!
The staff at the boxing gym were awesome!! And a massive thank you is due to my sister and my dear friend and Team Manager and my other dear friend who came along to support me and the boys and worked just as hard as the basketball boys. 
Tonight I am a happy coach, let’s hope the boys stay connected and we can go on to have some fun and win some games.


11 thoughts on “Team bonding boxing session

  1. sorry, wp sent the comment without pushing the button :o) It’s so great that it really worked … I feel a little sorry for the problem-boy… probably he learnt a lot of wrong things from his dad :o(

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