Full moon madness 

So there is a full moon out at the moment and what normally happens during a full moon is that people seem to go a little crazy! Anything and everything that could go wrong usually does when there is a full moon. It’s lunacy!! It is pretty much a proven fact that during a full moon, emergency rooms are fuller, police officers are busier, animals go cuckoo, and lunacy ensues? 
Today was one of those days that just started off wrong and did not get much better as the day progressed. It was flat out busy and not in any good or productive way – rather just felt like I was putting out one fire after the other.
Just when I was beginning to think that today was never going to end, I got a bit of a break, some good news at last, which set the scene for the rest of my night which was productive and not bad at all. 
Could this mean the full moon is over?? I sure hope so!! 



4 thoughts on “Full moon madness 

  1. I also posted a full moon post and understood that you can have a high high happening/s or a low low happenings/s… but which ever it ends… so we can allow ourselves to go with the flow… and enjoy the good stuff. Barbara x

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