Married at first sight 

Ok I’m watching a show on tv that a friend of mine recommended and I’m finding it really weird!! The show is titled “Married at first sight” and in this show 5 couples get married without knowing or even having seen each other before and have to live together like husband and wife for I’m not sure how many weeks before deciding if they want to stay married or terminate the relationship.
Sounds weird doesn’t it? It is one of those reality tv shows, a social experiment, and at times it can be quite confronting.
I’m not sure how I feel about the show to be honest, I’m intrigued yes and a bit surprised. Marriage is hard enough when you know and love the other person, imagine how much harder it would be with a complete stranger someone you don’t even know have never seen before and may not even like?

What I can’t understand or am struggling to understand, is why on earth someone would want to participate in something like this and put themselves though it all?  


10 thoughts on “Married at first sight 

  1. Because people will do anything to be on television or in an effort to become famous?! Madness! this a modern insight into arranged marriages, it could be if there wasn’t cameras involved..x

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