Disappointing to see the local pet shop selling puppies as young as six weeks old!! We can all help stop this deplorable trade by refusing to buy puppies from pet shops and online stores.



22 thoughts on “Disappointing!!!

  1. I think it’s odd to buy a dog from a pet-shop – the risk is so high that you walk past the window and buy on a whim – which is always going to be bad. Here where we live I have never seen anything bigger than a rabbit on sale in pet-shops – you’d never see puppies or kittens – especially as they cannot offer them adequate conditions to keep them in – agree it’s deplorable. However, we also have laws that you are not allowed to keep a solitary cat as a house animal if you are out all the day and the cat cannot go outside by itself , laws on the number of guineapigs you must keep (never one, not solitary animals) and all dog owners must now take tests with their dog to ensure they can control them properly – maybe strict but I think it’s a good thing

    1. I agree that we need better laws to protect animals . The disappointing thing about this particular pet shop is that early last year they agreed that they would no longer stock puppy farm kitten and puppies and would only have animals from the animal shelter for people to adopt – guess the demand for rescue cats and dogs was not that great though because by the time Christmas came around they were back to having puppies and kittens. 😦

      1. puppies are so much more adorable as are kittens – there is a poem somewhere, sadly I cannot find it, that addresses the fact that – young and tiny animals and humans are very cute, however, beware, because they grow up..” and dogs and cats do live for quite a long time, they are also not inexpensive to keep with vets bills and food etc. – in spain loads of cats are adopted as kittens and then gotten rid of when they are no longer sweet – I like adopting from a shelter, my cat came from one and I feel that he has been very grateful ever since, but maybe that is just my cat. There are too many animals without the farms, already. but I guess your petshop doesn’t make money on shelter referrals. What is really weird is a friend of mine adopted a dog in the US – she had to go through a very complicated adoption process on adequacy of their house, who is at home, income safety etc. (NPO I guess) and in contrast you can just get a puppy in a shop. However, to put it all in context, – if large numbers of the citizens of a country are struggling it’s understandable that animal rights are not a main focus

      2. Very true, it is very much the same in Athens as well, lots of stray animals on the streets, when we lived there I use to look after all the strays in our neighbourhood. As you say though if a country is struggling animals are not their priority.

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