I have a presentation on Friday at an innovations workshop in front of 300 CEO’s and other heads of agencies, and I am sooo nervous it’s just not funny!!
I have these images in my head of getting all tongue tied and going completely blank, despite that fact that what I am presenting on I know well, it’s what I do.

I would so love to be one of those people that can just get up in front of a room full of people and just look and sound so confident – but that is so not me.
The only solace I can find is that I’m scheduled to go on third, so at least I won’t be sitting there for hours with my nervousness building. Hopefully it will be quick and easy kind of like ripping off a band aid.


18 thoughts on “Nervous 

  1. I’m afraid I’m that person that happily just stands up and talks….what I’d say is, just remember that no one knows what you’re going to say better than you, you are the expert in that moment, and people are there to hear what you have to say. Take your time, breathe, say something to break the ice (for you and them!) then hit them with it 😉 you can do it xxx

    1. I wish you were going to be there with me!!! I tend to speak very quickly when nervous – well even quicker than I normally do lol. But I’ll try and remember to breathe and take my time. Thank you sweetie xxxxx

  2. I get so nervous when I have to speak in front of others – it’s not a pretty sight! Once I get going it’s better, but man, the fear of totally forgetting everything I have to say is legit!! 🙂 But, I know you’ll do great, the fear will propel you forward and you will knock their socks off!

    1. Thank you so much Kate. I’m taking notes with me just incase I go blank – which hopefully I won’t plus I do have the slides to remind me. Fingers crossed it all goes well. I’ll feel much better when it’s behind me that for sure . 😊😊

  3. Pretend they are in their underwear. I don’t know why people say that because it would be more upsetting to me to deliver a presentation to semi-naked CEOs but that’s what they say. Personally, a little Scotch always worked well and if the speech tanked, who cares?

  4. The idea of 300 CEOs in their underwear appeals to me….it would certainly have me in a happy mood before beginning to speak!

    Address the people in the last line of seats…then your voice will be fine – you won’t need a microphone for 300 – keep easily legible headings to hand for reassurance and it will go well.

    And when it’s over hit the whisky.

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