Learn to hit curve balls


It’s funny how life throws curveballs from time to time. I think these curveballs or challenges are a way to test us, to make us more resilient, to prepare us for whatever may be ahead. 

Sometimes I wonder if I would actually like to know what is coming next, but you know what I don’t think I would. I prefer not knowing, prefer being surprised, or shocked, depending on the day! 

What’s meant to be will be I guess!! 


8 thoughts on “Learn to hit curve balls

  1. Well, I was quite the planner in my late 20’s early 30’s. Planning out my wedding perfectly 2 year engagement… and then I had an unplanned pregnancy a year into our engagement that just really messed up all my perfect wedding plans- since I was due 2 weeks before the wedding date. Yup. I learned to turn my wheel with that curve – things had to be altered and not on the exact same path… After kids, we found nothing could really be planned precisely, so something different always happened. So, there you have it. Plan the best you can and be prepared for changes… always have a plan B and C and the “throw-the-hands-in-air” and give up- plan even throwing caution to the wind – at times.

      1. We had to throw our hands up in the air “and waved them like we just don’t care..” just Saturday, when the mechanic told us he broke our car. Now our plans have to be adjusted because we don’t have our van for immediate travel. 😦

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