Had a weird call tonight from a lady claiming she was from our internet provider and stating that some illegal activity had been detected and that they would be suspending our service for 30 days. 
Alarm bells instantly went off in my mind!! One I know we haven’t done anything illegal, and two something about the background noise just told me that this was some sort of con.
Needless to say that I hung up and immediately called our internet provider who confirmed what I suspected that this was indeed some sort of a scam!!

Not sure what they wanted to be honest, but I wasn’t about to hang around and find out either. 

Sure seems like scammers like these are everywhere these days!! 


15 thoughts on “Scammers 

  1. it’s a scary when they even know your phone number… and it’s scary to imagine what freaks walk on our slice earth :o( we had such a scam-call once too, they claimed they will cut off our electricity if we will not do a part payment of 150 euros via western union…yeeeah… as if. But I still wonder how this rats got our phone number… :o(

    1. Yes it was a bit of a worry, how many people would fall for it though? they insisted that they could prove they were from our internet supplier all I had to do was go to the computer and give them certain information.

      1. Hopefully not many would, but I’ve heard of some pretty outlandish scams people have fallen for before, so it’s certainly possible.

  2. We used to have more primitive ones when in France…they were doing work in our commune….authorised by the council….it usually turned out to be double glazing but i think the social rubbish have lifted their sights since then and taken a few courses in phishing

  3. Here in the states many people are getting random calls from all over on our cell phones. It’s gotten to the point where if you don’t recognize the phone number you can’t answer the phone.

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