Disco shower head 

So we have a new disco shower head because that’s just what every home needs right??? 

Never a dull moment that’s for sure when it comes to living with my husband. Last week I came home to find we have a heat lamp in one of the light sockets in the family room and this morning I wake up and find a new disco shower head, who knows what we might find next week. 


20 thoughts on “Disco shower head 

      1. And what I gathered from my relationships and seeing who? My parents who have been married for what I think is probably a century or more, they still poke fun at each other, have a laugh, and my father still surprises my mother. And they are the extreme opposites when it gets to their personality.
        So fun and keeping things, well not dull, seems to be two key qualities for a long lasting relationship. There are more ofcourse, but those two seem to work quite good.

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