Words parents should never use 

So turns out I am too old to use certain words – who would have thought?? But according to my teenage son – who by the way knows absolutely everything – there are just some words that old parents such as myself should never use because and I quote “they are young words and you are old”
These words include : Hectic, Cool, Dude and Dog – what the??
Apparently all these words and many others, do not mean the same thing to teenagers that they mean to us old or older folk!! 

It’s hard because on the outside I may not look like a teenager anymore but somewhere deep inside I still remember what it was like being one and at times I even feel like I did when I was one. Thank goodness I now have teenagers to remind me that my young days are long gone!! 


16 thoughts on “Words parents should never use 

    1. Hahahahaha I’m with you Easy since when does dog have a special meaning, but apparently it does – it means “not cool” – which is quite the opposite of dog which are the coolest beautifulest animals on this planet xx

    1. Thank you Brenda, he may think he knows everything but we both know that there is still so much for him to learn in time he will realise as we all do as we grow up that we do infact not know half as much as we thought we did and that we are always learning. Thank you Brenda

      1. I think it’s good for him to see you cannot be intimidated into changing, too. That will reassure him eventually that you really are as cool as he thought when he was 10. 🙂 Maybe not as cool as he thought when he was 2. That’s an impossible bar. 😉

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