My sister got a tattoo

My sister got a tattoo today!!! 

That’s one more thing she can now cross off her bucket list!!

She has been planning on getting this tattoo for some time now and the fact that she is only days away from turning 50 has finally convinced her to go ahead with it!! Why not!! Life is short after all!!

Must say it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I was expecting and my sister was pleasantly surprised that the pain associated with getting her tattoo was bearable. She likened the experience to that of visiting the dentist lol

The tattoo artist was lovely he made my sister feel at ease, he made all of us feel at ease.

The whole experience can only be described as fun, as there was lots of laughing and now my sister has this beautiful tattoo of her gorgeous son’s name, which he in fact paid for as a birthday present to his mother.



7 thoughts on “My sister got a tattoo

  1. How lovely! Have a tattoo honoring Mr. T, too – it’s on the back of my neck and is an Olde English “T” with reverse shading and looks pretty cool! And then I have one honoring my brother that passed away a few years ago… and well, a few others, so I’m very happy for your sister, I think getting one to honor her son was excellent!

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