Basketball break up 


I had such a great night at the basketball break up tonight!! All the boys are just lovely and I have really loved spending time with them all.

Because the club will only provide two trophies for the coaches to give out and because I felt that every boy on my team deserved one, I came up with the idea of buying some cheap little trophies to give the boys long with chocolate – let’s face it who doesn’t like chocolate? The boys seemed to like my idea of the little trophy and chocolates so that was good.

The zorb soccer which is what we chose to do as our break up was lots of fun, except our boys were more interested in knocking each other over than actually playing soccer.

They had 45 mins in those zorb balls and were so hot and thirsty afterwards that they were guzzling water like it was going out of fashion, then they played a couple of games of dodge ball and finally some normal soccer then it was upstairs for something to eat followed by speeches and presents.

 I was very spoilt, the team got me a thirty dollar Churros voucher (for that new Churro shop) and an $80 spa voucher. The boys all signed a card with lovely messages. It has been a great season and a wonderful and positive experience. One I will cherish always. 



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