Is 50 too old for a career change??????????

My husband has been looking for a job since we got back from our amazing trip to Italy and boy are things so different out there in the job market these days.
After almost thirty years of experience working in the shipping industry he has decided that it is time for a change. 
Hereby lies the challenge – what to do now?

There seems to be an endless supply of jobs out there but are any of them suitable for him – I just don’t know!! 

So my question to you all is this – is 50 too old to be seeking a career change? I didn’t think so but as the days go by I’m beginning to have my doubts. 


23 thoughts on “Is 50 too old for a career change??????????

  1. I don’t think it is too old, but it might be a challenge. I am now 58, and it is so hard to find a job. People see me as too old. I get comments like, “do you think you have the energy for this job?”. I even had one woman ask if her child is too heavy for me to carry and put in the crib. I must look feeble lol. I’ve cared for children for 30 years and still chase them around and can handle it, but others see me as too old. I do wish him good luck! Fifty is NOT too old!

  2. Is this the same man that put on a disco lamp on your shower? (if I remember correctly one post of yours) then if it´s that post about him, nope, no worries about carrier change. Although the question would be why now a change after so many years in that industry.
    In all seriousness, yes I do think is too old. I´ve seen a freind try to do it( he got laid off though) and it just went south. He´s great a his job, but trying to expand it to other things at his age is just not happening and the economy is not right to play around now with changing careers, better be safe. So he went and did find a job in the same related industry.
    But, who knows. Maybe your husband is one of the few who can make a drastic transition, and is not so much about age is more about the experience of a lifetime.

    1. Thanks Charly, yes it is the same man who put the disco shower head in the shower lol. His current job was moved to Sydney so this seemed like the perfect time for a change. Fingers crossed it will work out and he will find something that he enjoys. 😊

  3. No!!!!!! It’s never too old! The challenge now is to get it right and not just jump into something. He needs to look in his heart and see what will make him happy, if he does a job he loves, he will be a happy bunny and not end up looking again in a few years time. What really makes him tick?

  4. Nope, not at all! The trick is in finding a passion that can become profitable. The advantage of being fifty is that you’re a heck of a lot smarter than you were in your twenties. Good Luck!

  5. Fifty is no age….the problem is not whether he can find something which he wants to do but whether the braindead human resources department in a firm with which he wants to work prefer someone younger and more malleable than a man with experience and confidence.

  6. My husband changed career last year after 29 years n the same job, same workplace, same people. He set up a business where he can work from home and after the initial shock of having him at home all the time rather than from 8pm-6.45am) we’re realising the benefits it brings to the whole family. Sure, it’s hard for me to get up and go to work for set times but he is such a changed person that I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

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