Feeling super proud 

Feeling super proud of my son tonight!! On Friday we went around and he handed in his resume to various shops and today he received a call back from one of the department stores asking him to come in tomorrow after school with his bank account details and tax file number.
We are trying not to get our hopes up too high but that sounds to me like they want him to join the team!

It’s scary I know, but exciting at the same time. Even if it doesn’t work out and he doesn’t get this job, he will get another one and one thing is for sure he is going to be awesome in whatever job he gets!! 


23 thoughts on “Feeling super proud 

      1. They didn’t call back so I’m guessing no. Disappointing huh? I did suggest he call them but he is too self conscious to. He has since applied for other jobs though so fingers crossed.

      2. That´s the spirit, you don´t get one then you move to the next. How many times have you been rejected? Well maybe you not, but I certainly have. So you just move on to the next, no worries. Unless you´re peniless like I was and am, and then you do have to hurry and worry.

  1. Hope it’s gone well.Its a massive step forward for them, and they jump and they moan for the first few weeks about how hard it is but they value their hard earned money way more than any pocket money they get from home.

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