Smoke screen 

I was really surprised by the smoking area at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport. It is hidden behind a giant screen. Why? Is it so that smokers are not visible? The smoke oozes from the top of the screen and from the bottom so the smell is very strong. And because the area is screened off there isn’t much room so the people who are smoking behind there are pretty squashed.
It’s getting to a point where smoking is becoming more and more antisocial , here in Melbourne you can no longer smoke in a car if there is an underage child in the car with you. Most if not all businesses are now smoke free and smoking even outdoors at restaurants and bars is really frowned on now.

So different to Italy where we have just come from. In Italy you could pretty much smoke anywhere. There is no giant screen for smokers to hide behind. I don’t know how I feel about the big screen I come from a family of smokers and I too was once a smoker before kids. Guess I just found it odd.  


6 thoughts on “Smoke screen 

  1. My parents were smokers. It gave my brother cancer. Second hand smoke is very dangerous to the health of children (and adults). But, I have a strong opinion on that subject, so I hope I didn’t offend in any way.

  2. I wouldn’t smoke behind that screen, that’s like taking a bath in an ash tray :o( Smokers were treated like criminals in France, it’s hard to find a place outside where it is allowed :o(

  3. It looks really horrible! I remember when you could smoke on the train between Adelaide and Melbourne. The walls were stained yellow and it was like walking into a bushfire zone. So unpleasant! But I totally appreciated why those of us who smoked then were given a designated area. Even as a smoker, I could understand that it might be intrusive, offensive or even damaging for others to have to breathe in something I was choosing to inhale. Truly so glad to be cigarette/nicotine free these days.

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