Fruit smoothie 

I got a new smoothie maker from my daughter for my birthday yesterday and today we made the world’s best smoothies. 

Ok so maybe worlds best might be a slight exaggeration – I think really nice – would be a much fairer statement. 

Next time they will definitely be world best because they won’t be as lumpy and we will substitute the gelato we used this time with frozen yoghurt next time. 

As far as smoothie makers go though – mine is definitely a big winner! Harry was very impressed just what he needed after a hard game of soccer.


7 thoughts on “Fruit smoothie 

  1. I have a machine I use to make smoothies – I have one almost every day, banana, fruit, spinach, yogurt, ice, almond milk or juice, pretty much whatever is on hand I can throw in there and make breakfast! 🙂 I hope you get lots and lots of enjoyment from yours!

    1. Thanks Kate, banana was something we didn’t have yesterday but will definitely be adding – not sure about the spinach but hopefully mixed in with all the other yummy stuff they won’t be able to tell. xx

  2. I love smoothies, and always feel like a champ when my kids enjoy them, too! The fave for my girls is banana, almond milk, PB2 (powdered peanut butter), cocoa powder, and fresh spinach (but not enough to turn it green). Have fun with your new smoothie machine!

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