Match making is not for everyone but I seem to have a knack for it!!
Unfortunately the victim of my match making tends to be my poor sister!! 
For the record I have been both successful and unsuccessful so far in my matchmaking endeavours, to be fair I would have to say more unsuccessful than successful but I live in hope.

What has prompted this post, is a guy at the gym who I feel would be perfect for – yes you guessed it- my sister! 

I know that If she was interested in having a relationship she would already have one, same probably goes for the guy at the gym I guess. But that doesn’t stop me from wondering.

So the question is – do I or don’t I?? 


10 thoughts on “Matchmaker!!!

  1. Have a casual party and invite both. This is how I met my husband. A mutual friend thought we would be right for each other and had a ‘party’. The intent was to get us together. It worked!

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