37 days left till Christmas 

With only really 5 weeks left till Christmas it’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping.  I love shopping but somehow the thought of braving the crowds this year does not seem that appealing!! 


12 thoughts on “37 days left till Christmas 

  1. I always try to do any real Christmas shopping in the summer. Then, I just have to worry about my baking and dinner! Now that there are no young kids in our family anymore, we don’t really exchange gifts. We just have a family gathering or something simple. 🙂

    1. I’m stuck for ideas too this year, normally I have lots of great ideas of what I can get everyone and have Xmas shopping well underway. I haven’t been as motivated this year. The kids haven’t either though, their Xmas list only has two things on it – so different to other years. xx

  2. I was asking Mr. T about his Christmas list and was like “you want a tool set? how about some tupperware? a small microwave?” and he was all “why would I want that??” and I’m all “College!!”
    He goes, oh, yeah…
    So Santa got on line and bought a mini fridge yesterday! 🙂

  3. All online as everyone I want to give to lives abroad..but braving the shopsd from here to Christmas is a daunting prospect…not just the crowds, but the blasted fibreglass reindeer that they put outside on the pavement…you can get a nasty dig on the ribs from those horns..

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