Feeling a little disappointed 

I was feeling a little disappointed yesterday. My 16 year old son has started his first job ever, and although he was a little nervous initially and apprehensive, he was also excited and seemed so positive. Anyone who lives with teenagers will tell you that positivity is not something you associate with adolescence. His first two shifts were good and he seemed to be fitting in ok and really embracing work, but yesterday – day three – was not so good. The manager is apparently grumpy and was giving him a hard time – I tried to explain that this may just be his character and that he should not take his comments to be a criticism but rather as constructive feedback,but in his mind, the manager simply does not like him.I can’t help feeling a little annoyed at the grumpy manager -perhaps it’s just my protective mother instincts kicking in – but I really think he should be encouraging and not discouraging new employees. A few kind words of encouragement would do wonders I feel and make anyone try harder. You would think he would know that. 


11 thoughts on “Feeling a little disappointed 

  1. I understand your feelings. But if we are very young we mostly meet such a guy like this manager who tries to mess up our life. Just because he/she can. Probably this kind of people were the once who were bullies from the first day the went to school :o( hugs to your boy, not all “old” people are idiots :o)

  2. It´s your mommy instincts, I got hell from my manager working at the Burger King at day 2 after I messed up a couple of things. What it did make me was think, I better get this right or this idiot is going to fire me. He might be an idiot but I do work under him and I would still like to keep on working. My mother on the other hand is more of a tough love kind of type, she did tell me to stop crying about it and just make it work.
    Anyways, glad the kid finally found a job. And see what real world jobs are like. You find good people and bad, normally not very good in my experience.
    You protective mother….. 😉

    1. You are right I am probably just feeling a little protective. The truth is that work is hard, the real world is hard, that’s why it was so important for him to get a job so that he could get a glimpse at what the world is like after school, and hopefully be encouraged to try harder and go onto university.

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