7 minutes to go….

Sitting in the car waiting for my son to come out after his 4th shift at his first job ever, and I’m feeling a little anxious.He didn’t really want to go back to work today, not after Saturday’s shift when the grumpy manager kept telling him off. I’m hoping that either that same manager is not on night duty this week, or that he is in much a better mood and will cut him a little slack. 

Guess we’ll see soon enough, 7 mins to go till the end of his shift. Fingers crossed we are back on track!! 


15 thoughts on “7 minutes to go….

  1. Oh kid, if I’d quit every job I had where my boss was not kind, I’d be perpetually unemployed. Better the kid learn now that there is something innate in promotion to management that turns people into cruel taskmasters. Hang in there and learn how to take care of yourself in spite of that prick.

    1. You are so right. I am relieved to say he had a much better night last night. Grumpy manager kept his distance thank goodness . My son said good night to him as he was leaving and he didn’t even reply . Wonder why some people let power go to their head like that?

  2. You know I know that our kids have to learn life through jobs and through living – but it really is hard on us parents when they are young and finding their way – and the experiences early on can be brutal – and sometimes managers are abusive or just horrid at leading – and like your other reader noted – it is normal – and while I know it also shapes them to maybe even lead with excellence later – it is still hard! šŸ˜Šā™„ļø

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