Christmas shopping done!! 

I confess I am a shopaholic!! I love to shopand I especially like to buy presents for people I love. Nothing makes me happier than watching someone unwrap a present I have brought them and seeing them all happy. But this time of year even I must admit I am a tad over shopping!! I’m over the crowds and the hustle and bustle all the spending and I’m especially over not finding the things I had in mind to buy.

With only 5 sleeps left till Christmas all I can say is I’m sure glad I’m finally finished all my Christmas shopping!! 


13 thoughts on “Christmas shopping done!! 

  1. Diana, I feel the same way about giving presents, and I made most of them myself this year (I make jewelry). It’s simply sheer delight for me. And I only had to shop for supplies and got that done before Thanksgiving! 😀

    Have a Merry and Very Relaxed Christmas.

    1. That’s so lovely Susan. Unfortunately I am not very crafty so I wouldn’t be any good at making things but I love the idea I think it’s so much more personal too. Merry Christmas to you and your family too xxx

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