Ideas please 

Getting ready for the festival which is only 6 weeks away. I have been organising it for the last two years since we first decided to hold a stall, and each year it gets bigger and better. 
So as this years festival approaches, I can’t help starting to worry if we will once again rise to the challenge. 

The idea is to make our stall people friendly, to draw in the crowds, to generate interest. 

I should mention that we host the Community Newspaper stall – and as you may or may not know, community newspapers are non for profit run solely by volunteers. That’s why it is important to get as many people interested in the papers as we can. 

In previous years we have had surveys, paper plane (made from our newspapers) races, colouring in etc . We have thought of doing a secret story but have never actually managed to get it going. Maybe this year!! 

We are always looking for, and needing, people to write articles, to deliver papers, to sponsor ads and to just get involved.

If anyone has any ideas on how to generate interest in the public I would love to hear them. 



8 thoughts on “Ideas please 

  1. Maybe do something with photography. Like have people submit a photo (from their phones) for immediate electronic display (slideshow or collage) or use in a future issue: Here’s who visited us at the festival! Or take selfies with visitors and post them. Anyway, good luck!!

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