Is it cause the holidays are almost over that the feeling of impending doom has returned, or could it just be the gloomy weather which has damped my spirits and made me feel a little down? 
Things have a way of working out in the end they always do, I should know that by now, and my prompt yesterday was meant as a reminder to me of that. Guess it didn’t work though cause it’s still there. 

It was a strange day at work today, lots of grumpy people out there that’s for sure. Is it a full moon?

Hopefully all I need is an intense session of boxing tonight to help to clear my head and get rid of dreaded feelings. 

6 thoughts on “Feelings 

    1. Thank you Kate, a few people I know are going through tough times and I can’t help feeling a little down about that. Boxing helps it makes me feel good, releases tension you should definitely take if up, it’s quite empowering xx

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