Bargain buys 

Am I the only one that simply can’t resist a bargain?? There is just something about sales that makes them irresistible!Take tonight for example, I brought a cute top and an assortment of under garments that were just too pretty to resist!! Do I need them? Of course not! Is there room for them in my wardrobe?? Ummmmm nope, but I’ll make some room, they were a bargain after all!! 


14 thoughts on “Bargain buys 

  1. I love a good sale / bargain! I do this with food, too. I have been known to buy food that was an incredible bargain, too good to pass up. When I got home to put away the groceries it hit me like a brick that my family does not even eat that / use that product. I end up giving it away to a family member or friend. What a good bargain, for them!

  2. I hear you :o) after I really hit the jackpot with getting a lot of shoes for a fab price we have to buy another shoe rack… I think I will buy it and Mark will get it as a valentines gift (so he can install it immediately) ha!

  3. LOL! I had to implement the “bring one in, take one out” rule for my closet!! It got bad! I’ve lost some weight, so fortunately I’ve been able to reduce the amount of clothes in my closet… which leaves me more room for sales!! 🙂

      1. When I had my previous image consultancy business, I had to sort out and organise many wardrobes for clients, including clearing out clothes that they’d never worn or never really suited them or should never have bought. A huge majority of the clothes that got bagged up for charity were sale ‘bargains’ that had been bought based on price and in the excitement of a sale, but had never been worn. So in the end, they weren’t bargains, but merely a waste of money…hence my comment…;)

      2. So true sweetie, the excitement of the bargain has caused me to buy many things I don’t need and have not really worn. It’s so hard to resist sometime though. I’ll try and do what Kate does though and take out one thing for every new thing that goes in. xxx

      3. Or…work out what your hourly rate of pay is. As an example, say you are paid £20 per hour…if you’ve bought something for £20 and never worn it, you’ve worked for nothing for that hour. If you’ve paid even more for something, you’ve wasted even more of your time working!

      4. Oh wow I hadn’t thought of it like that. I’m finding the older I get the less I want to pay for clothes, I’d rather buy something and enjoy it than pay a lot of money for something and be too worried about wearing it in case I ruin it. That’s a good way to think of it though . xxx

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