Gym junkie 

How do you know if you are gym junkie? I ask because today I found myself feeling really restless, like something was missing, like I had all this pent up energy that needed to be burnt. To be honest I did contemplate putting that energy to good use and cleaning the house, again. But let’s face it housework does not give you that same feeling of accomplishment that a good physical work out does.

It must be because I missed my boxing session on Tuesday because up until today I hadn’t really noticed anything like this before, sure over the Xmas break I did miss the boxing but it was a busy time of year and it was also pretty hot.

So I’m guessing now I must be a gym junkie, I pretty much work out 4 times a week these days, and do a variety of things like Zumba, yoga and ofcourse the boxing which is by far my favourite! What started out as a challenge, a way for me to push myself and keep healthy,has now become a way of life. I’m happy with that! 


6 thoughts on “Gym junkie 

  1. That’s the way to be. A gym junkie doesn’t have to worry about falling off the wagon. They’re always ready and waiting for the next workout. I am much like you. I love to work out. It’s my selfish-time, my thrill of the day.

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