Today my daughter finds out if she made the cut for the musical she auditioned for a couple of weeks ago at her brother’s high school – which is the sister school to her school.
I can’t help wishing so hard that she does get the part!! Or at least if not the part she auditioned for, then another part. It’s only because I don’t want her to be discouraged. In my eyes she is already a star for putting herself out there and going after the things she wants. 
It’s such a relief to have a child who knows what they want to do when they finish school, at least by knowing we can work towards that goal. 

I can’t say I ever knew what I truly wanted to do and I know that my oldest son doesn’t either and that makes it so much harder.

Ultimately of course the aim is for them to be happy, so fingers crossed she comes out with a big smile today . 


10 thoughts on “Waiting 

  1. all fingers and paws are crossed that she gets a super part… I was the infamous duck in Peter and the wolf once and I was so disappointed to get the ugliest costume and not even 2 minutes on stage :o(

    1. Oh poor thing! I’m sure you were a fantastic duck lol. Madelyn got the understudy and a singing part in the ensemble she couldn’t be happier – she even tried out for a dancing part today as well we will find out next week. Xx

    1. Thank you Beth she got understudy for the part she auditioned for – a year 11 girl got the part , but she also got a part in the ensemble -a singing part and she tried out today for a dancing part as well. It was so good to see her come out with a huge smile across her face. 😊😊

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