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One week in… 

This year has started off a lot more eventful than I was expecting. Doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a bad thing it just means it’s different, that’s all. There is something in the atmosphere that has me treading cautiously. 
I was thinking about that today as my daughter reached another milestone in her life. Today was a day to be joyous, a day to celebrate, and yet I couldn’t help feeling a little sad – not sure if sad is the right word maybe apprehensive is a better fit. 

Anyway my intention to wing it this year is still steadfast – what will be will be, time to stop worrying and start enjoying I think. 



I have been working out of one of our smaller work sites today and boy is it so different!! The phone rang all of 5 times, as opposed to it never stopping at my usual work site which can only be described as chaotic! Clients were few and only every so often, there no big lines going all the way out the door as I am normally use to seeing. It is the perfect place to catch up on pending work, provided you have pending work, and provided you are in the mood for doing said pending work, which quite frankly today I was not!!
One thing I noticed and really really loved were all these cute little motivational quotes on the computer stand – quotes to inspire and motivate you!! Anyone who follows my blog knows how much I love all those inspirational quotes!!

So here are a few of my favourites, expect to see more of these in the next few days.