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Unlocking Your Child’s Genius

Last night I went to an information session at my daughters school and at this information session Andrew Fuller clinical psychologist, presented on his latest book “unlocking your child’s genius” 

I have seen /heard Andrew Fuller presenting many times before and each time I have found him to be really good and very passionate and definitely inspiring.
Last night I walked away with many tips that I will try and incorporate into my parenting. For example he said we should never accept the words ” I’ll try ” from our children because ‘try’ is a cop out. They either will do it or they won’t, either way they should commit one way or another. 
The other thing that stayed with me was that Andrew Fuller suggested that every now and then whenever our children may be complaining about something they are not good at, we as parents should quickly inject the word “yet” as in “I’m not good maths. Yet” 
There was lots lots more, too much for one post but it was certainly interesting and as I mentioned before inspiring.