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Would you believe me??



Boots for elephants 

The Knox Leader (local paper) published this article below, on Ferntree Gully resident Joe Parsons, who has been helping elephants in need for the past 20 years. 
What an inspiring man!!

BOOTS FOR ELLIES: HUNDREDS of elephants across the world have had their world made a little brighter because of the dedication of a Ferntree Gully man. Joe Parsons, who runs company Aussie Dog Products, has been making special boots for elephants in need for the past 20 years. They are made from the same material used in conveyor belts in mines, and sent to elephants all over the world, including those injured in the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004. The boots are used by elephants who have problems with their feet such as infections or ulcers, helping to ease their pain. Some have even had part of their feet blown off by landmines. The family-run business supports a number of animal related charities. They also make safe, durable, non-toxic enrichment toys for dogs, horses and zoo animals at their factory in Ferntree Gully. Details:


Another 40 degree day in Melbourne and as the children prepared to jump into the pool, my dad went out to scoop up any leaves that may have fallen into the water from the wind only to find a poor little noisy miner stuck in the middle of the pool trying desperately to swim to the edge. Dad managed to scoop the poor thing up, we wrapped him in a towel and tried to calm him and give him some water – it didn’t look good for the little bird I must say – shock is a big killer of birds and this little miner was only young. We left the little bird in a cool corner and kept a eye on him from time to time. It took a while but gradually he started to move and then finally he took off. You cannot imagine how relieved we all were that the little bird had survived, hopefully he has been reunited with his Family and will go on to have many more adventures.

It is important this time of year to be extra mindful of our pets and to ensure they are not left outside in the scorching heat. We should also remember our native wildlife and leave plenty of cool fresh water around our gardens for them as well.

If you do suspect that your pet is suffering from heatstroke you must act quickly, heatstroke can kill within minutes.