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Disappointing to see the local pet shop selling puppies as young as six weeks old!! We can all help stop this deplorable trade by refusing to buy puppies from pet shops and online stores.



Alpaca sheering, quite a horrifying experience


At my sons school they have Alpacas. They use animals to teach boys about animal husbandry. Today the school had a professional come in to sheer the Alpacas and the boys were invited to watch.

Before I go on I will just take a moment to say for those that are new to my blog, that I am an animal lover. My kids are animal lovers. My whole family are animal lovers. Our pets are members of our family. Animal cruelty is not tolerated, never has been, never will be.

My son found the whole experience very horrifying. The look on his face as he recounted the whole experience was very sad indeed. To start with the man whipped the Alpaca’s legs out from under it causing the animal to drop to the ground on its side. He then proceeded to tie the animals legs to a tree. Holding the neck of the animal in a kind of neck lock the man then proceeded to shave the Alpaca.

The whole time the animal was screaming in terror, it defecated on itself. The whole ordeal sounds utterly terrifying not just for the Alpaca but for all the boys watching.

I don’t know anything about Alpaca sheering but surely there must be some more humane way that this can be achieved.

Image from google images.