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My sister got a tattoo

My sister got a tattoo today!!! 

That’s one more thing she can now cross off her bucket list!!

She has been planning on getting this tattoo for some time now and the fact that she is only days away from turning 50 has finally convinced her to go ahead with it!! Why not!! Life is short after all!!

Must say it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I was expecting and my sister was pleasantly surprised that the pain associated with getting her tattoo was bearable. She likened the experience to that of visiting the dentist lol

The tattoo artist was lovely he made my sister feel at ease, he made all of us feel at ease.

The whole experience can only be described as fun, as there was lots of laughing and now my sister has this beautiful tattoo of her gorgeous son’s name, which he in fact paid for as a birthday present to his mother.



Play Me, I’m Yours


Today we went on a little treasure hunt in Melbourne’s beautiful, bustling CBD. The treasure we were looking for, were 24 vibrantly decorated pianos that have been positioned around Melbourne CBD (Central Business District ), and surrounds, for people to play and enjoy.

Play Me, I’m Yours, is an international street piano project presented by the Arts Centre Melbourne, as part of the Betty Amsden Participation Program.

We managed to find 9 out of the 24 pianos, which I believe are all the ones located in the City. We were treated to some truly beautiful melodies performed by everyday people walking by, who had stopped to have a turn at playing a tune on these cute and quirky pianos.

Every piano has been uniquely decorated by local community artists, and has been positioned strategically around the city in various spots were they can be easily accessed and enjoyed.

My personal favourite was the one pictured above, which my sister had lots of fun playing. She may not have been the most talent performer we heard today, but she looked like a star to me.

The pianos will remain on display until the 27th of January and will then be generously donated to local community centres.