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Ulladulla – day 1

Arrived in Ulladulla after an almost 10 hour road trip and are celebrating with champagne. We had a spa bath earlier which was lovely and relaxing. We tried to go out for dinner but somehow we managed to lose the town. Drove up and down the highway looking for it with no luck, in the end we came back to our cabin and just ordered pizza. Can’t wait to go exploring tomorrow.






Holiday time

There is a distinct buzz of excitement in the air today, and that is because work is finished and school is over for another term, so that can only mean one thing, holidays!!! Yay

This time we are not wasting another opportunity, we are off on an adventure, a road trip to Bateman’s Bay in NSW!! Ten hours in the car with three children is not everyone’s cup of tea I know, and if I am to be totally honest I can’t say it is what I am most looking forward to. I am looking forward to having fun, exploring, relaxing, soaking up the sun. One glorious week of not having to cook or clean or do the laundry, sounds like bliss doesn’t it?

Because as my sister will often tell me I am a sharer I will be sure to post lots of photos and updates. There is still the weekend to get through though, lots of packing and preparing. Even Dexter is going on a holiday he is going to spend the week at my mums where he will be pampered and made such a fuss of that I fear he may not want to come home. Have a safe weekend everyone. 😊😊😊😊