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Another 40 degree day in Melbourne and as the children prepared to jump into the pool, my dad went out to scoop up any leaves that may have fallen into the water from the wind only to find a poor little noisy miner stuck in the middle of the pool trying desperately to swim to the edge. Dad managed to scoop the poor thing up, we wrapped him in a towel and tried to calm him and give him some water – it didn’t look good for the little bird I must say – shock is a big killer of birds and this little miner was only young. We left the little bird in a cool corner and kept a eye on him from time to time. It took a while but gradually he started to move and then finally he took off. You cannot imagine how relieved we all were that the little bird had survived, hopefully he has been reunited with his Family and will go on to have many more adventures.

It is important this time of year to be extra mindful of our pets and to ensure they are not left outside in the scorching heat. We should also remember our native wildlife and leave plenty of cool fresh water around our gardens for them as well.

If you do suspect that your pet is suffering from heatstroke you must act quickly, heatstroke can kill within minutes.



Cockatoos!! Such a beautiful sight

I was greeted with the most beautiful sight this evening when I was coming home in the car from my grocery shopping. Hundreds of sulphur created cockatoos filled the sky creating almost a blanket like effect with their majestic outstretched wings and happy squawks it really was a sight. I tried to take photos but they didn’t turn out well I have googled and found an image which almost replicates what I saw but still not ac beautiful as the real thing.

In Australia the sulphur crested cockatoo is a common sight, as is it’s cousin the little corella , many even consider them pests, but how anyone can think that of these beautiful creatures is beyond me .


Eaten by a snake


I am an animal lover it is no secret, I love all animals especially dogs and cats, but I have a extra soft spot for birds. I love birds, especially parrots. I have two parrots Stan who is a South American Quaker parrot and Molly a beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet.

Last week my friend and Colleague popped in for a coffee and was admiring my birds, she told me about her mums bird which is also a Lorikeet called Georgie and how friendly she was.

Today while we were at work my colleague/friend received a text from her mum to say that Georgie had just been eaten by a snake. We were both shocked and saddened, when my friend text back to ask her mum how she knew that Georgie had been eaten by a snake her mum sent back this photo. If you look closely you can see poor Georgie yet to be digested inside the snake.

I wanted to share this photo because I thought it would serve as a timely reminder with summer fast approaching. I am so glad my birds live inside. Poor little Georgie. R.I.P.

Anything to do with animals is always good.

Today has been a busy day but a rather productive one, so that is always a good thing. I feel exhausted now, kind of like that group of ducks (flock of ducks?? Gaggle of ducks? Anyway you get the picture), that waddled across the busy road this afternoon ever so slowly and nearly caused a major accident.

It’s not something you see everyday, and aside from one idiot who obviously has no regard for animal life nor his own life, judging by the way he sped past narrowly missing one of our friends. Everyone else was happy to wait a couple of minutes while these amusing birds waddled on by.

The ducks certainly brought a smile to our faces, and just reaffirmed what I already know to be true, and that is it that anything that has to do with animals is always good.


Got a call this morning at work from my nephew, 22 years old, six foot two, gym junkie, not afraid of anything, well almost anything. A bird had somehow managed to get into his house (back door was left wide open so that the dogs could come and go into the backyard as they pleased), anyway the bird in the house presented a problem because you see my nephew is terrified of birds.

I asked my boss if I could take my lunch break early (it was 11:30m) as I had a family situation to deal with and hurried to the rescue.

The poor bird had worked its way into the bathroom and was perched up on the shower door. My nephew and the dogs had sought refuge outside in the garden.

It didn’t take long to catch the bird and release it into the garden. And although I tried to keep a straight face it was very hard indeed, I’m still chuckling about it, and just had to share.

Petting Zoo

It is no secret that I love animals but what I found quite confronting today was the petting zoo at the street festival I was helping out at. Before today I had always loved the petting zoos and would spend much time with the animals. Mu children following in my footsteps also love the petting zoos and will take every opportunity to cuddle a rabbit, or stroke a duck, or feed a baby goat or chicken.

Today though I actually had to help with the setting up of a petting zoo so I got a behind the scenes if you like view of what it really looks like , before the people arrive and see the animals frolicking around surrounded by happy children eager for a pat while parents watch on or take happy snap shots.

Today I got to see these beautiful animals in a way I wish I hadn’t. Cramped in tiny cages. Stacked on top of each others. Dirty and squashed and hungry, without clean water. It really was very heartbreaking and has ruined petting zoos for me forever.

I tried to justify in my head that petting zoos are a great way to introduce animals to children, that they are a positive experience, but after today I no longer see them like this I’m afraid. I know that people would argue that Zoo’s are very similar and they may very well be right. I have never had a behind the scene experience at a Zoo. I hope for the animals sake that they are nothing like what I saw today.

My Bird Hates Me Again


So my bird hates me again. Every year around this time just before spring is here Stan’s hormones kick into angry bird mode and my beautiful loving little Quaker turns into a mad little biting machine.

If you have birds you will know exactly what I am talking about, his whole demeanour changes, there is a look in his eyes a certain way that he moves, he is reluctant to come out of his cage, very vocal, there may be beak clicking or tail wagging, but if you miss all those signs you won’t be able to miss the excruciating bite that is no doubt heading your way.

Much like the self absorbed teenager, a parrot too becomes self absorbed and defensive around this time of year. Try not to be too hard on yourself or take it too personally.

So what can you do to snap you bird out of this phase? well nothing really, you just have to ride it out. Thankfully this uncharacteristic mood change does not last long and just when you think there is no light at the end of the tunnel that you have lost the love of your beloved friend for ever then suddenly he is back often sweeter than ever, calling out to you to come and play, giving you kisses, singing and talking happily again.

Unfortunately for me Stan’s transformation from loving bird to angry bird is only just commencing but I know that before long angry bird will be no more than a distant memory, and my beautiful boy will love me again.

What to do with your pets when you go on holidays

It is a big honour to be asked to look after someone’s pets it means that they really trust you, it is also however an enormous responsibility. For that period of time that the owners are away you become their beloved pets caregiver.

I love looking after my friends pets but there is always an enormous sigh of relief heaved once my friends are back home and I have delivered their beloved pet safely back to them.

A lot of people don’t have friends or family to leave the care of their pets to when they go on leave so these people tend to use places like dog kennels or cattery’s but there are other options too that can provide better alternatives.

Animal shelters like Animal Aid offer a pet minding service at a reduced fee, the benefit of this option is that you can use it for longer extended periods time and it will not cost you a fortune. Also most animal shelters are run by volunteers, people who genuinely have a deep love of animals so you know that your pet will be in good hands.

Most Vets offer pet minding services although their rates are considerably high so this would not really be your most cost effective option. On the plus side though in the event that your pet does become ill the vet would be on hand to treat them.

There are many organisations such as Top Dog pet minders that actually look after your pets in their own home. They provide a more personal touch where your pets get to be part of someone else family for a little while. These services are very popular as prices are quite reasonable.

And finally House Carers not only offer people who will care for your pets but they will also housesit for you as well. House carers are all over the world and in most cases the service is free as you are providing them with accommodation in return for them looking after your pet and home.

I’m sure there are many more options available but the best option by far is taking your pet with you on your holiday, unfortunately though this is not always possible.



Wing taping is just plain wrong


Taping birds wings is not new, it is however not natural either. I know there is a big argument for not clipping pet birds wings but I must say that I much prefer wing clipping to wing taping. That is just wrong.

If you are not familiar with wing taping it is when the parrots / birds primary flight feathers – these are the longer feathers on the birds wings – are taped with masking tape thus preventing the bird from flying away.

Aside from the obvious discomfort and of course stress that taping would inflict on the bird, there is also the question of toxicity in the adhesive on the tape that if ingested would undoubtedly make your bird very ill.

Removing the tape would not only inflict pain on your beloved pet but it will also damage the delicate feathers which could then lead to other problems such as damaged feather follicles, infection and possibly even death.

When my Quaker Stan was younger, I use to have his wings clipped. It was recommended by his breeder, but for the last 3 or so years I have not bothered to be honest, and I must admit Stan is a lot happier for it and so am I. Nothing beats the sight of a beautiful parrot in flight.


Preparing your pets for the arrival of a baby


There seems to be a bit of a baby boom happening at work at the moment. It certainly is an exciting time. It’s almost enough to make me clucky, I say almost because three children are more than enough for me.

What I am being asked more and more though is how my colleagues can prepare their pets for the arrival of the baby.

Pregnancy is an exciting and somewhat scary time, there are many different emotions that parents to be are feeling and experiencing, your pets will undoubtedly pick up on these feelings and nervous energy. You might notice that they may become a bit more subdued or clingy, following you around more so than normal. They may want to snuggle up with you more. They may even begin marking their territory by piddling inside the house.

It is important that in all the excitement your pets are not overlooked. There are lots of things you can do to get your fur kids ready for the arrival of your baby. You should begin desensitising your pet as early as possible. There are many CD’s on the market with baby sounds like crying, cooing, screaming , try playing the CD at different times throughout the day to get your pet especially your dog, familiar to baby sounds this will save you a lot of grief later on when you are trying to get baby to settle, the last thing you want is your dog barking every time the baby cries.

Babies need a lot of stuff they need their own furniture, clothes, nappies, shampoo, wipes, toys well you get the picture. As you acquire things your baby will need make sure you let your pet see and smell these things. But this is also the time to establish your boundaries. If you do not want your cat to sleep in the baby’s cot when your baby arrives, do not let the cat sleep in it or even jump into the cot before the baby arrives. Close the door of the nursery, put netting over the cot or bassinet, make a loud noise to startle the cat If they look like they’re about to jump into the cot, I have even heard of pieces of sticky tape laid inside the cot as being used as a deterrent.

Life with a new baby can be very unpredictable, it will help if you gradually prepare your pet for a less consistent schedule, try varying meal times or walk times .

Afternoon naps are a great way of recharging your battery, start taking occasional afternoon naps this will go a long way in preparing your pet for the change of lifestyle that is coming.

Now is also a good time to think about enlisting the help of a professional dog walker. You may not have the time or the energy in the first few months for walking your dog. A dog walker could be a big help, not only will your dog be happier if it has had a good walk but you too will feel less guilty.

There are kits you can buy to help you with preparing your pet for the arrival of your baby, the most popular kit at the moment is ‘Pregnant paws preparation kit’ which you can buy over the Internet for about $40. The kit includes such things a CD, Bunny Rug, Baby products, and Information /tip sheet.

Every child should grow up with a pet! A bit of planning now will go a long way to ensuring that babies arrival will be a happy time for not just you but your fur kids as well.