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WordPress update a big fail

Ok I know I am probably the last person on earth to update WordPress only to find the the new so called improved update is just terrible!! I have ended up with three accounts all identical mind you, and for some unexplainable reason I can only see freshly pressed posts and not all the others that I love to read so much.

I’m hoping that it will soon be all rectified, but if anyone has any suggestions I would be happy to try anything. For the time being I am only able to read posts that I subscribe to via email 😞😳😞



Friday night


After a lovely dinner with the girls, it’s nice to come home to a quiet house, the kids fast asleep, hubby happy watching the cricket.

Time to snuggle up with my beautiful DT and catch up on what’s been happening in the blogosphere. Happy Friday every one.

The blogosphere is our oyster

I have been thinking about my blog and reflecting on my posts, and it occurred to me that although I initially started this blog so that it could be a platform for my writing I haven’t been using it for that. It seems it’s more a venue for me to voice my thoughts of life, a sounding board if you will.

I follow many blogs, each one is unique and inspiring in its own way. Some of the blogs I follow have mass followers others only a few, but what each of these had shown me is that it doesn’t matter if your blog has a theme or a particular niche, that is not necessarily what people are after.

What I’ve come to realise is that the blogosphere is my oyster and I am free to make my blog whatever I need it to be at the time.

Maybe one day it may become the writers platform that I initially envisioned but for the moment I’m fine with it just being a vessel for all my thoughts and rants, all my hopes and missions.

Lost interest

I am struggling to find time for my writing lately. The moment I think I have some spare time and I can devote that to my writing something will inevitably come up and I run out of time. Even finding the time to post on my blog is sometimes challenging.

I know this is nothing new for anyone of us. Life is a lot busier now a days. The kids are older and they each have stuff going on, extra curriculum activities, homework etc.

It’s not just time that seems to elude me though, it’s inspiration as well. I have been working on this one book for what seems like ages now and I just can’t get passed this one bit. I have been adding to it everyday but it’s only a sentence here a paragraph there. In my head I can see what has to happen, I can see the whole story, but I’m struggling to get it down in writing.

The idea of leaving the story and starting a new one is tempting indeed, but I have never not completed a story before, and I hesitate to start now.

This is more than just writers block. I feel that I have lost interest in the story. If my story doesn’t interest me what hope does it have of interesting others?

Thank you


Not sure what happened yesterday but somehow I managed to break my all time record for visitors and views to my blog.

Don’t get me wrong I couldn’t be happier, it’s just that I don’t think I posted anything that was that noteworthy.

What I believe has happened today is what people refer to as search engine optimisation. This is the first time I have mentioned Facebook or social media in a post and certainly that first time I have used it as a category, and so this is what I assume to be the reason for the unmissable rise in my stats.

Regardless, I would like to thank everybody who stopped by, it has without a doubt really made my day, night and possibly week.

I am very honoured indeed to be part of the WordPress community.

Free Homes For Writers ( in Detroit)


Write A House, is a different kind of writer’s residency program. Writers are invited to apply to live rent-free for two years in a recovered Detroit house, with the chance to get the deeds to the house at the end of that period.

Write A House is refurbishing three two-bedroom houses in Detroit – all within walking distance of each other – and offering them for free to writers to live in. If the writers stay for two years, engage with the city’s literary community and contribute to the project blog, they’ll get the deed to their house.

The homes are in emerging, active, and diverse neighbourhoods. It won’t be Beverly Hills, but maybe that’s okay. Even if you already live in Detroit, you are encouraged to apply.

The houses are promoted as ‘80% inhabitable’, which essentially means that writers need to paint their houses and provide their own furniture. From the photos in the gallery however it would appear that a lot more than a simple paint job is required to make these homes liveable.

Of course there are conditions, Writers need to have been published before, though the organisation is particularly interested in supporting emerging writers. It’s open to low-income writers only. Writers don’t need to be US citizens to apply – but they do need ‘some legitimate proof that US government would grant you permanent residency’.

Write A House was co-founded by journalist Sarah Cox and novelist Toby Barlow, who both moved from Brooklyn to Detroit within the past decade, attracted by its cheap housing and the lifestyle that offered.

‘People who move here will have to be prepared for some boarded-up houses on their blocks,’ says Sarah Cox. ‘But you’ll get the opportunity to be part of a community, own a house, see some real change happening.’

Sounds interesting I must admit. If you are interested or would like some more information check out the website