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Winning is not everything!!

We played against our nemesis team at seven a side soccer tonight. This team is very competitive and very rough! 
Unfortunately we only had 6 players tonight as two of our boys were unwell, so you would think that the opposition would also play only 6 players to make the game fair but no they did not! That’s just what they are like.
You can’t imagine how good it felt then when our boys – the underdogs – scored the first goal of the match!! 

By half time the opposition has scored twice making the score 2-1 in their favour. They were so angry that our boys were fighting back, it was actually quite funny to watch. 

One of our boys actually told them to calm down as the whistle for half time sounded.

We lost in the end 6-1 but the score does not in the least reflect how awesome the boys played. I couldn’t have been more proud of each and every one of them. 


When will I ever learn ????

Remind me not to put my hand up for anything again – I know I won’t listen – I never do, you see I just can’t help myself.
I volunteered to coordinate the summer soccer program for our kids again this year – we were changing clubs and we were looking forward to a new and exciting summer season. 
Turns out though that we have registered for the wrong district.  Instead of playing 5 mins from home as we were all expecting we are now playing somewhere in the middle of whoop whoop which is hours away!! 
I have been emailing the Football Federation Victoria in hope we can rectify the problem but it doesn’t look promising at all. I can see myself making the long trek out to Thornbury, on my own, car full of 13 year old boys. Help!! 


Basketball break up 


I had such a great night at the basketball break up tonight!! All the boys are just lovely and I have really loved spending time with them all.

Because the club will only provide two trophies for the coaches to give out and because I felt that every boy on my team deserved one, I came up with the idea of buying some cheap little trophies to give the boys long with chocolate – let’s face it who doesn’t like chocolate? The boys seemed to like my idea of the little trophy and chocolates so that was good.

The zorb soccer which is what we chose to do as our break up was lots of fun, except our boys were more interested in knocking each other over than actually playing soccer.

They had 45 mins in those zorb balls and were so hot and thirsty afterwards that they were guzzling water like it was going out of fashion, then they played a couple of games of dodge ball and finally some normal soccer then it was upstairs for something to eat followed by speeches and presents.

 I was very spoilt, the team got me a thirty dollar Churros voucher (for that new Churro shop) and an $80 spa voucher. The boys all signed a card with lovely messages. It has been a great season and a wonderful and positive experience. One I will cherish always. 


Feeling content

Feeling quite content at the moment. Even though Harry lost both his soccer games tonight in the City 7’s competition, the boys he played against were just awesome.
They were older, stronger, bigger and they played superbly, yet they were not at all full of themselves, instead they were encouraging, helpful and inspiring.

The first game was against the under 14 reining champions, this team has only lost one game all winter season. The second game was against an under 13 team and they too were very good. Our boys are only under 12’s but tonight they matched it with the best of them.

I think our boys learnt a lot tonight. I think they learnt what true sportsmanship really is and I hope that the loss doesn’t not affect them, the scores were not a true reflection of how well they played. And I know that all the parents were proud as punch.



Any excuse for a party

Harry’s soccer coach is turning 50 on the weekend and to celebrate he is going on a child free holiday with his wife to Port Douglas.

The moment I heard that the coach was having a milestone birthday near the end of the soccer season I began planning how the boys could help to make this momentous occasion even more special.

Together with the team manager we arranged to have some photos of the team framed for the boys to present to the coach, and we set about planning a mini surprise birthday party.

Tonight our plans all came together in what can only be described as a great night.

All the boys helped blow up balloons and decorate the table in preparation of the coach’s arrival.

There was lots of cheering and party poppers, lots of food and cake but above all lots of fun.

This has been Harry’s first year of soccer and thanks to the coach and the boys it has been the best experience.

Sport isn’t just about honing skills and playing a game, it’s about making connections and building lifelong friendships.




Teenagers! Homework! Need I say more…

Oh my goodness!!! Tonight I helped my teenage son set up a blog for a school project he is working on. The project is about how they can beautify parts of a local area, which is a really nice concept. His group has chosen to create an urban green space on an unused lot where the community can sit and take in the surroundings, where teenagers can hang out. An area that is both inviting and practical, a place that will bring people together.

Anyone who has teenagers can testify to the fact that our adolescence know everything! You name it, they know it! They have an answer for everything. If you try to show them an easier way, a better way, they just scoff and are quick to remind you that you know absolutely nothing. Never mind that you have been running a blog for over year now. Never mind that you too were once a teenager, unfortunately this has no relevance to them at all.

I guess the end result is what counts and my son was able to create a lovely blog which will hopefully gain him a good grade at school. Challenging as this experience may have been it was also fun. I love spending time with my son. I enjoy our banter. He may do my head in at times with his know it all attitude, but truth be told our children are miles ahead of us when it comes to technology, still there is always some things they can learn from mum and dad right?

Children and cars

What is it about cars that seem to bring out the worst in children?

You would think that by now I would know better but apparently I don’t. I stopped to pick up some breadcrumbs from the local IGA on the way home from school pick up, as I am making chicken schnitzels for dinner tonight. I was only gone a couple of minutes, but it would seem that is all that is needed for world war 3 to break out inside my little car.

I had one crying, one screaming and one sulking. Clearly they were all over tired and hungry. In future I will make sure I drop them off home first, it’s just not worth the heart ache.

Winter sports


Winter is my least favourite season of the year. Cold dark nights and wet and windy days are not my idea of fun at all.

This year winter appears to have set in earlier than ever. Technically we have only just embarked on the last month of Autumn, and yet it already feels like hibernation time. In a another life I could totally have been a bear. The whole idea of sleeping through winter appeals to me on so many levels.

Unfortunately most boy sports are actually winter sports, so tonight I will be braving the elements as I sit and wait for my son to finish his soccer training. Once he is finished I will rush him home only to pick up the other son who also has basketball training tonight.

Luckily last years Mother’s Day gift from my daughter was a cute travel mug which I plan on taking along with me tonight. I think a nice steaming cup of tea is just what is in order.


I was so disappointed today! My son has finally joined a soccer team something he has been wanting to do for a while now, and the soccer season is about to kick off on Sunday. Today only 3 days before the opening game we were advised that we would finally be collecting the uniforms and kits, for which we have paid quite handsomely for I might add, back in November last year when we first registered for soccer.

I received a text message this morning asking if I would be able to help out with the distributing of the kits, to which I said ofcourse I would. So as promised I turned up early ready to help out, only to discover the most chaotic, the most unorganised event I could have ever imagined.

All the sizes they ordered were all wrong, apparently they have a large amount of XXS and Mediums but no Small sizes. Even the few children that did mange to get their kits today did not necessarily receive the correct size.

I mean come on people, what a disgrace!! The children are so excited so looking forward to finally receiving their gear and then this. You only had 6 months to arrange this. How could you mess up so badly? What happens to the kids that won’t have a uniform in which to play in on Sunday?

The people who were so called in charge today had no idea, they were totally clueless. Our boys don’t even have their player jerseys yet. How bad is that!

I was really looking forward to soccer, I know how much this means to my son, and I was so pleased that he was finally going to get a chance to play the sport he loves so much, however if today was any indication of what we can expect from the club, then I am really worried.