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Wing taping is just plain wrong


Taping birds wings is not new, it is however not natural either. I know there is a big argument for not clipping pet birds wings but I must say that I much prefer wing clipping to wing taping. That is just wrong.

If you are not familiar with wing taping it is when the parrots / birds primary flight feathers – these are the longer feathers on the birds wings – are taped with masking tape thus preventing the bird from flying away.

Aside from the obvious discomfort and of course stress that taping would inflict on the bird, there is also the question of toxicity in the adhesive on the tape that if ingested would undoubtedly make your bird very ill.

Removing the tape would not only inflict pain on your beloved pet but it will also damage the delicate feathers which could then lead to other problems such as damaged feather follicles, infection and possibly even death.

When my Quaker Stan was younger, I use to have his wings clipped. It was recommended by his breeder, but for the last 3 or so years I have not bothered to be honest, and I must admit Stan is a lot happier for it and so am I. Nothing beats the sight of a beautiful parrot in flight.



School Holidays, I love them


I love school holidays! I love that for two glorious weeks three times a year you can just forget about homework, and clarinet lessons, basketball practice and indoor soccer games. I love that you can have dinner at 7pm at night and go to sleep at 11pm.

Even though its winter here in Australia, school holidays are still great and the relaxed lifestyle of the holidays always inspires you to do so much more. These school holidays we have been catching up with friends that our everyday hectic timetable does not normally leave us much time to catch up with. We have been trampolining, we’ve been to the movies, we’ve had a few nights out at restaurants and we have seen our team reign victorious at the football.

In fact it hardly feels like we have been home at all, and yet we don’t feel weighed down by the every day mundane routine of school, work, homework, sports, dinner and bed.

I know that some parents don’t like school holidays but I can honestly say that I have no idea why. The only thing that could possibly be better than school holidays as I see it, is summer holidays, 6 to 8 weeks of holidays right in the heart of summer. Glorious sun filled days at the beach or the pool, hanging out with family and friends it’s fun fun fun galore.