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Built to NOT last 

 Woke up this morning to find that our fridge has decided to stop working – just one more thing to add to that ever growing long list of things that have gone wrong of late- fortunately we were able to move all the perishable stuff over to the beer fridge in the garage. Now we need to decide if it’s worth getting someone out to see if they can repair it or buy a new one – sometimes repairs are just too costly and let’s be honest nowadays things are not built to last. 

Not again!! 

I dropped my iPhone again!!! Grrrr and Yep you guessed it smashed the screen, again!!!! So now there is not only a half moon crack across the bottom half of the screen but there is also a shattered bit in the bottom left corner. 
I am tossing up whether to get the screen replaced but I just keep thinking what’s the point if I’m just going to be dropping it again!!
Might be time to get one of those super hard trade’s cases again!!!