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Happy Valentine’s Day Worpress

Just wanted to wish all my amazing friends on WordPress a very Happy a Valentine’s Day.

Hope you all have an amazing day celebrating with that special someone or just celebrating with the people you love.

Come to think of it, I think everyday should be Valentine’s Days.


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Australia Day celebrations

Today was a lovely day with family celebrating Australia Day!!

The sun was shining and my sister prepared some traditional Aussie treats.

The champagne was flowing and we had a wonderful time as we always do when we are together.

Guess the only not so good thing is that it’s back to work tomorrow.






The end of another era

The end of another era!! My babies have their grade 6 graduation today and as I sit waiting in the amphitheater with all the other parents and grandparents I can’t help thinking how surreal all this feels.

It feels like only yesterday that I was waking them in for their first day of prep.

There is a buzz of excitement in the theatre as we wait for our children to step out onto the stage. The lights are dim the performance is about to begin, where are the tissues?









Too much partying

Is there such a thing as too much partying ? If you asked me last month I would have said “No Way “, but ask me tonight after I have been out every single night this week and I am starting to think there actually could be such a thing as too much partying.

The Christmas lead up is always a busy time of year, it’s a time to catch up with family and friends exchange presents and Christmas cards.

I’m feeling excited but so so tired and there are still 21 sleeps left till Christmas.





Best weekend ever!!!

Yesterday was mum and dad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary!! Many of you know that my brother, sister and I had a surprise celebration planned for them, what you didn’t know and what they didn’t know, was that our surprise was a night out on the Titanic!!

That’s the Titanic theatre restaurant not the actual Titanic that sunk in 1912. The Titanic theatre restaurant is a beautiful restaurant in Williamstown Melbourne done up as a replica of the Titanic ocean liner. A limousine picked us up at mum and dads place around 5:30pm, and after taking heaps of photos we set off for what was a great night.

Mum and dad were very happy, everything was perfect, the food, the atmosphere, the show, the limo ride there and back.

50 years of marriage is an awe inspiring milestone that needs to be celebrated that’s for sure.

Here’s to many more happy years mum and dad.





16 years and counting..


So today is my wedding anniversary 16 years of marital bliss! We have had many highs and a few lows in that time. I don’t think I am the same person who made those vows 16 years ago. I think Stephen is though, he hasn’t changed at all, but I know I have. Earlier this year I walked through the city, down past all the old haunts where we use to frequent, including the Rialto Towers where we spent our wedding night, and I couldn’t help feeling a little nostalgic. I found myself wondering what had happened to that girl? How much life had changed her, matured her, she was a mother now, older, with responsibilities, wrinkles and a few more kilos. I think if I am to be honest with myself I would have to say that I am happier with in myself now, happier with myself also. I don’t miss that girl, she was just the template for the woman I have now become. I no longer feel I need to be perfect. In fact I realised a long time ago that no matter how much you strive for it perfection is unattainable. I think I am just happy being me. Tonight we are celebrating with a simple dinner at one our favourite restaurants, my sister is looking after the kids so we have the house to ourselves. So here’s to 16 happy years, may we have many many more.

Any excuse for a party

Harry’s soccer coach is turning 50 on the weekend and to celebrate he is going on a child free holiday with his wife to Port Douglas.

The moment I heard that the coach was having a milestone birthday near the end of the soccer season I began planning how the boys could help to make this momentous occasion even more special.

Together with the team manager we arranged to have some photos of the team framed for the boys to present to the coach, and we set about planning a mini surprise birthday party.

Tonight our plans all came together in what can only be described as a great night.

All the boys helped blow up balloons and decorate the table in preparation of the coach’s arrival.

There was lots of cheering and party poppers, lots of food and cake but above all lots of fun.

This has been Harry’s first year of soccer and thanks to the coach and the boys it has been the best experience.

Sport isn’t just about honing skills and playing a game, it’s about making connections and building lifelong friendships.






I was given a copy of the Brainwash Project magazine today and I have to say that I am really impressed.

For those of you that have not heard of the Brainwash Project, it is one girls crusade to change the image portrayed to young impressionable girls in the glamour magazines.

Jessica Barlow who was honored at this years Australian Day awards. Started the Brainwash project in hope of making readers feel good about themselves, to encourage them to expand their mind and branch out and try new things. It is about recognizing the beauty that exists in diversity and the innate beauty that resides within each of us.

The project has seen Jessica travel far and wise spreading her message that girls don’t have to look like the models pictured in the magazines in order to be beautiful and unique.

Inside the Brainwash Project Magazine girls will read real life stories and see beautiful real girls. There is a plethora of information, advice, fashion, entertainment all of it targeted to real young ladies.

The front and back cover of the magazine is plain white with bold black writing and on the back the words ‘don’t judge by appearance’ pretty much sum it all up.

There was only a relatively small number of this magazine published, but anyone who has been lucky enough to get hold of a copy will no doubt agree that our young girls could certainly use more of these types of magazines.



Mini World Cup Tournament

Tonight the soccer club Harry plays for hosted a Mini World Cup tournament for the under 12’s and under 13’s. It was lots of fun and all the boys and the parents cheering them on really had a great night.

The boys were split into five teams, England, Brazil, Spain, Holland and Australia and played little 15 minute matches with 7 a side on a half court field.

With world cup fever all around us it was the perfect treat for those boys stuck at home on the school holidays.

Harry was selected to represent England, he scored the first and winning goal of the first game. The second game was also a win 1-0, but then England had a rest and unfortunately it was all down hill from there.

The final game for the tournament saw Spain and Holland battling it out in a nail biting penalty shoot out. In the end Holland finished as the victor. We celebrated with pizza and lemon squash and the boys left feeling happy but exhausted. It’s great to see just how much the World Cup has inspired Soccer lovers all around the world, tonight I spotted quite a few boys out there sporting the World Cup haircut just like Ronaldo and Balotelli.