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New iPhone 6


This weekend has been a blur for me. Madelyn needed a phone now that she has started high school and my mobile plan was up for renewal, so on Friday I became the proud new owner of an iPhone 6 and it has taken me all weekend to try and set it up. If iCloud wasn’t shared between Hubby’s iphone, my iPhone and both our iPads I would have been able to do a straightforward back up from iCloud but alas insufficient memory meant that was just not possible.

So while I was entering contact details and notes, clearing out emails and transferring photos that I wanted to keep, I kept telling myself that this a good thing, it was like a spring cleaning of my phone, it just that it’s now Sunday night and most of my music has not yet been downloaded and even though it’s a lovely shiny gold phone with heaps more memory and an impressive larger screen, it just doesn’t feel comfortable yet.

My old phone was like an extension of my arm, never far from my reach, this new phone feels foreign and so unfamiliar. It’s almost as though I am afraid of it. Maybe once the newness has worn off, it will feel like it should, let’s hope so. On the plus side at least Madelyn’s happy.


Is it normal to be attached to your phone?

I am very attached to my phone! My whole little world is pretty much stored on it. All my photos, my calendar, my music, notes, my WordPress, my Facebook, pretty much everything is in this hand held device that is never far from my reach.

Today we had the soccer BBQ at Lilydale lake, the weather was beautiful, the company was great, there was food, and sunshine and fun. Normally I would have checked us in on Facebook and taken photos galore, except that one of my friends decided to confiscate my phone for the day!!

His intentions were good, in his mind I am way too connected! He is probably right it has been said before that’s for sure. So I went along with it and you know what? I felt lost! I kept feeling like something was missing.

When I finally got my phone back there were 54 WordPress notifications that I’d missed, along with a text message from my teenager asking me to grab maccas on the way home, and many emails. It felt good to have my phone back I must admit, I do understand that it probably isn’t healthy to be so attached to a phone, but in this day and age that we are living in this is more the norm than the exception, wouldn’t you say?