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Melbourne StarĀ 

Today I was again reminded just what a beautiful city Melbourne really is, and how lucky I am to live here.
I spent the day with my family enjoying the sights our of city from high up in the sky on The Melbourne Star.

It was so picturesque seeing all the landmarks from up above. We all loved it, parents, kids and grandkids, and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting this beautiful city. 



Life begins at the end of your comfort zone – part 2


Well today I was certainly out of my comfort zone when I opted to drive into the city (CBD) for a meeting, that I would have otherwise taken public transport to.

I have never driven in the city before, I don’t think I have ever had the guts to. I guess the fact that I have had 2 very bad car accidents pretty close to each other has contributed to this fear, It has certainly made me a lot more cautious.

Both times I was very lucky that my children were not in the car with me. Although I was not hurt neither was anyone else thank god my cars were really badly damaged, both had to be written off.

I tend to avoid freeways now and any place really where people have to drive very fast, and I am conscious to allow myself plenty of room whenever doing a right hand turn through oncoming traffic.

But this year is all about pushing myself just that little bit more, so despite the unexpected road detour, the annoying bike riders that like to just pop out before you, here I am in the CBD an hour before my scheduled meeting enjoying a much deserved ice coffee and having some lunch.

Would I do it again? Absolutely! Now that I know I can do it, I will definitely opt to drive in next time as well.

So this living out of my comfort zone thing is working really well, I’ve taken up Zumba which I’m really enjoying and now I’ve conquered my fear of driving in the city. I wonder what will be next?

Play Me, I’m Yours


Today we went on a little treasure hunt in Melbourne’s beautiful, bustling CBD. The treasure we were looking for, were 24 vibrantly decorated pianos that have been positioned around Melbourne CBD (Central Business District ), and surrounds, for people to play and enjoy.

Play Me, I’m Yours, is an international street piano project presented by the Arts Centre Melbourne, as part of the Betty Amsden Participation Program.

We managed to find 9 out of the 24 pianos, which I believe are all the ones located in the City. We were treated to some truly beautiful melodies performed by everyday people walking by, who had stopped to have a turn at playing a tune on these cute and quirky pianos.

Every piano has been uniquely decorated by local community artists, and has been positioned strategically around the city in various spots were they can be easily accessed and enjoyed.

My personal favourite was the one pictured above, which my sister had lots of fun playing. She may not have been the most talent performer we heard today, but she looked like a star to me.

The pianos will remain on display until the 27th of January and will then be generously donated to local community centres.