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Cat vision


There is nothing as terrifying as walking into a semi dark room and seeing your cat staring at something that you cannot see, but you know is definitely there and is probably something utterly terrifying like a spider or a bug or worse still a disgusting cockroach!!


Creepy crawlies


I have a phobia if spiders and bugs and creepy crawlies in general and unfortunately I have passed on this fear to my children. Yesterday the boys spotted a massive cockroach stuck in the air vent in their bedroom.

The logical thing to do would be to spray the cockroach with insecticide but we were so worried that it might drop on to the floor and then get lost in the bedroom that we just closed the door and left it there.

The boys slept on the couch, crazy I know but the alternative seemed scarier. This morning my brave husband went into the bedroom armed with a can of mortein and managed to kill the cockroach, so tonight the boys are back in their rooms.

Next mission the two daddy long legs spiders that have taken up residence in the toilet..