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The Hitchhiker 

I saw a hitchhiker today – I think that’s the first one I have ever seen – well in real life anyway I’ve seen plenty of them in movies and I’ve seen enough to know that it never turns out well for the person in the car that stops to help  – he was standing on the side of the road in Upper Ferntree Gully right on the bendy bit which goes up to Belgrave or left to Olinda and he was trying to flag a ride. I honestly didn’t think people actually did that anymore, I mean who would be silly enough to stop and give him a lift? He could very well have been a psychopath for all I know. 

I couldn’t help wondering about him though as I drove past and because the weather was so terrible today I hoped for his sake that someone would stop and give him a ride, because hopefully he was just a regular person like you and I who had found himself in need of a lift.


It’s soooo cold 


We had a new ducted heating system installed today and even though it was a sizeable expense that we had not anticipated, it’s so good to have heat back in our home.

This morning was the coldest morning in Melbourne for this time of year since 2011 the house was like an igloo but not tonight, tonight it’s lovely and warm just as it should be. 
Hope that where ever you are you are all snuggled up nice and warm like my cheeky Dexter who also struggled getting out of bed this morning.