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Internet speed at snails pace


So our internet speed is painfully slow, so slow, in fact that it barely registers on the speed test app thingy my son downloaded for me to prove his point.

I have questioned the speed of our service before, as well as our network coverage and have been assured repeatedly by Telstra that we are in a high speed location and from what they can see we should have fast fabulous coverage throughout the home which alas we do not.

There are five of us using the internet at any given time, sometimes I wonder if this could be the reason for the lag. Apparently I can purchase this special device that should give us five bars for five devices, but I can’t help but be skeptical. We already have a repeater in the boys room which quite frankly does not seem to be doing much. Why would this new device be any different?



Today my husband went in for a gastroscopy it was a relatively painless procedure, and lasted only 10 or so minutes. Ofcourse it took a lot longer for the anaesthetic to wear off. Oddly the last gastroscopy that he had a couple of years ago had shown a hiatus hernia which my mother in law also has, this time the gastroscopy however revealed no hiatus hernia, is it possible for it to just go away?

I’m no doctor so I guess we will have to wait until we see our GP next week and see what he has to say. The post procedure care instructions cautioned against driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery or signing any legal documents. It makes sense he was a little groggy when he came out and not at all steady on his feet. Hopefully nothing a good nights sleep won’t fix.

Unfortunately my husband is not one to take warnings seriously and even though technically the IPad isn’t heavy machinery, for a computer novice like my husband (and myself I might add) it may just as well be. Somehow he has managed to lock himself out of his Facebook and the games he so loves to play.

So tonight has not been much fun as we cluelessly fumble around trying to rectify the problem, it is a case of the blind leading the blind.


I am not computer savvy at all. I wish I was but sadly no. Today I re-blogged for the very first time, and it felt good kind of like figuring out how to solve a problem that you have been battling with for a while. Not that it took me that long to figure out, but I was worried I’d mess it up or do it wrong, or even that it wouldn’t work, but thankfully it did, and if I can help to spread the message by re blogging than I am glad to help.

I think that this is where our kids have us at an disadvantage, you see they do not fear technology, are not afraid of pressing the wrong button or making a mistake. I never cease to be amazed at how quickly my children navigate a computer or iPad or iPhone, how quickly their fingers move across the screen, never hesitating, never second guessing.

I too want to be more like this but unfortunately It is not second nature for me, rather something that I need to constantly learn, a skill that I must keep perfecting, for no sooner have I mastered one thing something new has already come along and it’s time to learn that. There is a lot I still have to learn especially about blogging and wordpress and all that it can do, but I am up for the challenge.