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Count the blessings



The simple things

Life is all about the small moments, the simple things that make all the not so good moments more bearable.

Tonight I am savouring these small moments, a great Zumba class, the kids in bed, a favourite television series, a delicious connoisseurs ice cream with macadamia nuts and king lake honey mmmmmm life doesn’t get better than this does it?

Feeling content after a productive day.

I love that feeling of accomplishment that you get when you actually manage to get a lot of the stuff you need done.

Today I was extremely productive, I actually think it was more luck though than anything else, because I managed to find everything I was looking for and at a relatively great price too.

So I’ve ordered all my seafood for Christmas, got the girls at work some gorgeous chocolates, as well as getting Christmas cards which I now need to write. I picked up food for my birds, presents for both my cats as well as my sister-in-laws cat, and wrapped all the presents and placed them under Christmas tree.

In amongst all my shopping and of course the housework that always needs to be done, I went down to the local basketball rings and helped my son practice his basketball and then we went to his game and I was rostered on to score. Followed all this with a movie and pizza with the kids, and now I’m relaxing on the couch with my cat in my lap, and my dog at my feet, beloved iPad in hand, blog surfing. Life is pretty good.