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Bring back the sunshine

I have had this feeling of impending doom for quite a while now.  No matter what I do I just can’t shake it.  The weather here in Melbourne is cold and wet and miserable and it pretty much sums up everyones mood of late.

 I have one friend grieving the sudden loss of her husband. One friend coming to terms with a terminally ill nephew and now the possiblity of fighting cancer herself.

My mother-in-law is unwell, my father-in-law is showing early signs of memory loss. Dexter is still not better, I took him out on a test walk yesterday and  even though we only went around the block by the end of the walk he was limping.  

Then today the icing on the cake was when one of our most difficult clients ever called this morning and created chaos in his usual arrogant and loathful manner.

This client is a pathological lier, he starts off all nice and friendly and the minute things dont go his way, he turns into this horrible bully who tries to intimidate and abuse with his vulgarity.  The mere mention of his name is enough ruin our day. In the span of half an hour he called 7 times this morning.

I am hoping that the weather is what is causing this  bad feeling  and that once the sun is back warming us with its happy rays, this feeling of doom will dissolve.

Good customer service is so important

Mum had a gastroscopy yesterday, which thankfully showed up nothing sinister! At the same time my mother-in-law is in hospital recovering from knee surgery. Seems both my mums are doing it tough at the moment. Fortunately they are both in good hands, I couldn’t be happier with our health system we really are very lucky here in Australia (hopefully this lasts).

What was disappointing though was the booking officer who booked mum in for her gastroscopy. Her customer service skills need a lot to be desired. It’s people like that that give the health sector a bad name.

Thankfully there are many others like the amazing staff at the Angliss Hospital and the lovely lovely people at Beleura Private hospital that more than make up for any negativity brought on by a hand full of people who obviously should not be in customer service.